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Hire a bartender to teach your happy hour how to make a great cocktail. Making a cocktail together creates a connection amongst participants, and leaves your group with a drink to toast each other. When you're done make sure to check out your bartender's cocktail recipe guides and purchase one to support bartenders even further!

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If you have taken part in one of our happy hours then you know how important bartender support is. Buying a recipe or hosting a virtual happy hour of your own are wonderful ways to start supporting and connecting with our bartenders!

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Stirred is Giving 100% of its Profits to Bartenders During C-19

The Events Marketplace by Stirred allows bartenders to continue to be compensated for what they do best through recipes and leading virtual happy hours. Bartending is hard to do without an in-person audience, and in these times where virtual is the new actual, many bartenders are out of work. From now through November 30, 2020, Stirred will be passing all the profits from the platform directly to participating bartenders. Further, The first 100 bartenders who post BOTH a Cocktail Recipe Guide AND Bartending Services listings will have their Cocktail Recipe Guide purchased by Stirred!

Types of Listings You'll Find on the Events Marketplace by Stirred

Bartending Services

Hire a bartender for your virtual happy hour! The bartender will teach the group to make a tasty cocktail and answer any bar-related questions (about cocktails, spirits, techniques, etc)!

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Cocktail Recipe Guide

Purchase a recipe, complete with thorough instructions so you can create craft cocktails in the safety and comfort of your own home!

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